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Tribute to An Author Who Inspires Me

Unknown-1Today a writing prompt at the Creative Bloomings blog inspired me, enough so that I wanted to share the results with book lovers who read my blog. The prompt was to write a poem in tribute to a writer who inspires me. I chose to write about Luis Alberto Urrea, the author of one of my favorite novels, The Hummingbird’s Daughter. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. He has also written several other terrific works, and I’ve had a chance to hear him speak twice – another experience I recommend. He’s a fun oral storyteller, sure to move any audience to belly laughter or heartfelt tears. As I work on my own historical novel, I keep in mind his dedication to the true artistry it takes to reveal the inner heart of a story. Here are some of my feelings about this inspirational author and the masterpiece he created:

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A Balloon in My Car – Jolly Detritus from a Women’s Poetry Reading

I am not a poet. This is not humility, false or otherwise, nor is it an excuse, but a simple fact. Yet I appreciate poetry, and every now and then I feel compelled to write a poem, though I have no real idea how. Yesterday I went to a gathering of poets at the Denver Woman’s Press Club and listened to several club members and audience members share their lyrical thoughts. Here’s what I took with me when I left:

A Balloon in My Car

Where are the nametags and the tea and the ice?
I don’t know poetry, but I know how to reach and boil and tumble the cubes.
After the reading, a balloon in my car nods in approval.

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