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Cara’s Blog Book Tour 2014 – Day 2

Book Cover - Cara Lopez LeeWelcome to Day 2 of my 2014 blog book tour! Please join me through October 15 as I celebrate Conundrum Press releasing the new edition of my memoir, They Only Eat Their Husbands: Love, Travel, and the Power of Running Away. Today I visit two blogs:

For travel lovers, today at I share safety tips on when to take the risk of talking to strangers to increase your chance for adventure: When To Talk To Strangers.

For writers and book lovers, today at the Conundrum Press blog I consider how writing a memoir illustrates the creative power of seeing life as a story:  Creating Our Lives as Stories.

Here’s where you can find my online tour through October 15:

BLOG BOOK TOUR, October 6-15, 2014
Celebrating the New Edition of Cara Lopez Lee’s Memoir,
They Only Eat Their Husbands:

October 6
Jim Heskett Blog
6 Questions with Author Cara Lopez Lee

October 7
Conundrum Press
Creating Our Lives as Stories

October 7
Travel Dudes
Travel Tip

October 8
The Paper Tiger
Long Time No See

October 9
The Blood Red Pencil
Here’s a Book In Your Eye

October 10
Everyday Underwear
The Wrong Direction

October 15
– Pubslush Blog
Women on Wednesday
– Murder is Everywhere
Long Time No See

Compassion Fares Without the Compassion – Why United Airlines is Dead to Me

This is a story about the death of a relationship…with an airline. But it requires me to briefly include the death of my Mom – that’s what I called the grandma who raised me. On May 29, I phoned Mom and for the first time in my life she had no idea who I was. She’d broken her femur a couple of months earlier and medications were increasing her dementia. I called the next day and was relieved she knew who I was again. She asked when I was coming to see her. She was in an LA nursing home, I was in Denver.

This is a story about the death of a relationship…with an airline.

On Friday, May 31, I booked a flight for the earliest day I could get away from other commitments, June 22. My hope was to see Mom again while there was a chance she’d remember me. I never considered booking a compassion fare, because she wasn’t precisely dying. She was 88, so she might live for years or days. I chose United Airlines, because: 1) I’d been a frequent flyer with United for about 14 years, and racking up miles with them earned me occasional free flights, and 2) Denver is their hub, so their flights tend to be reasonably priced.

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