HIKING TO BLUE LAKE: Brainard Lake Recreation Area, Colorado

The summer hiking season is winding down, but it’s still easy to enjoy some great trails well into fall. If you live or travel in the Denver area, you might want to consider one of the hikes I’ve done lately in Colorado’s high country.

When I’m not interested in researching new options, but simply looking for a no-brainer that will deliver a gorgeous day hike, I head to Brainard Lake Recreation Area near the tiny town of Ward. There’s a $9 entry fee, but considering the many trails my husband Dale and I enjoy for free, we don’t mind paying now and then. Below is a look at what our nine bucks bought us on the five-mile round trip walk to Blue Lake:

Hiking to Blue Lake from Cara Lopez Lee on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “HIKING TO BLUE LAKE: Brainard Lake Recreation Area, Colorado

  1. Cara Lopez Lee Post author

    Thanks for the feedback, Patricia. I’m glad you think it’s worth a link. I’d love for more people to find these hiking videos. I love getting an idea of what a trail looks like before I go. When I look up Colorado hikes, I find lots of photos, which is great, but I have yet to find any videos.


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