WHAT INSPIRES YOU? – Cara’s Guest Post on the Mortal Muses Blog

I’ve recently become a fan of the Mortal Muses, nine exceptional female photographers from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Their blog offers instant inspiration via daily postings of beautiful, moving, and amusing photos. Today they’ve invited me to answer the question: What Inspires You? My answer is a post that considers where inspiration comes from when I don’t feel inspired. Please visit the Mortal Muses blog and leave a comment on my guest post for your chance to win a signed copy of my book, They Only Eat Their Husbands: A Memoir of Alaskan Love, World Travel, and the Power of Running Away. (If you’d rather guarantee yourself a book, you can order one now at Ghost Road Press.)

2 thoughts on “WHAT INSPIRES YOU? – Cara’s Guest Post on the Mortal Muses Blog

  1. Cara Lopez Lee Post author

    Your publisher did a fantastic job, Alex. My publisher is tiny, and that’s not the kind of thing they do. My book is memoir rather than sci fi (though I love that genre), so if I find time to make a trailer, hopefully it won’t be too hard to find images that will work.


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