FLIP YOUR TRIP – New Travel Channel Show Promises to Turn Vacations into Adventures

A friend of mine who writes and produces reality TV shows just clued me into a new Travel Channel show her production company is working on, called Trip Flip. High Noon Entertainment is looking for people who have typical vacations planned in popular destinations this spring and summer. But they want daring people willing to flip their trips into something more unusual and adventurous: same destinations, more exciting itineraries.

If you already have a vacation planned in Italy, or one of several other destinations, you can ask the Travel Channel to Flip Your Trip.

Since the Trip Flip concept is in keeping with the Girls Trek Too mission, I’m posting the information here in case you or your friends are interested in taking your vacation up a notch – and enjoying your fifteen minutes of fame in the process.

If you don’t know what the Girls Trek Too mission is, it’s fairly straightforward: Girls Trek Too is dedicated to inspiring women to approach life as an adventure. Of course, a lot of us women have men in our lives, so we hope to inspire them, too! On that note, here’s what the Trip Flip producers are offering to entice adventuresome vacationers to take part in their new reality show:

Same Old Boring Vacation Planned? Let the Travel Channel Flip Your Trip!

You saved up all year for this vacation, but secretly you’re hoping for a trip that will take you beyond the same old same old. Game for something better? Trip Flip, the new Travel Channel series, will put the zing back into your vacation & flip your trip head over heels! You will experience your chosen vacation spot the way it should be seen, not on a tour bus, but off the beaten track: visiting the coolest spots in town, finding the city’s hidden gems that only the locals know about. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience you do not want to miss!

So if you already have a vacation booked or planned for the cities & dates below, contact Tina at tripflip1@yahoo.com for more info & and come along for the ride of a lifetime!

– Oahu – week of 3/19
– Maui – week of 3/24
– San Diego – week of 4/9
– San Francisco – week of 4/14
– Italy – May
– England – late May/early June
– Northeast – mid to late June

Please note: Trip Flip isn’t flying people to destinations – this is for tourists that are already going and would rather be in the running for a new, exciting opportunity.

If you or someone you know ends up on the show, please tell us back here at Girls Trek Too. I’m curious to know how these flipped trips turn out! (You can email me at cara@girlstrektoo.com.)

5 thoughts on “FLIP YOUR TRIP – New Travel Channel Show Promises to Turn Vacations into Adventures

  1. Casey

    Good luck Heidi~I had my trip flipped in New Orleans last November, it was a blast…should be airing soon!!

  2. Heidi

    Oh, funny. A FB Friend of mine just sent me to your page here, as she knew my sister & I just planned a week vacay to England in June! Thanks for this blogpost. I just sent “Tina” an email, to see if we qualify for a “vacay adventure upgrade?”

  3. Cara Lopez Lee Post author

    In some ways, Jannett, this show’s producers seem to be aiming for the sort of thing I try to teach people in my workshops: how to get off the beaten track and make your travels unique. Zip lines aren’t exactly what I have in mind, but I’ll admit I’ve always wanted to try that, especially since seeing that little pig in the TV commercial squealing, “Weeeeee, Weeeeee, Weeeee!”

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