Cara’s Blog Book Tour 2014 – Day 6

Book Cover - Cara Lopez LeeWelcome to the finale of my 2014 blog book tour! This month I’m celebrating the new Conundrum Press edition of my memoir, They Only Eat Their Husbands: Love, Travel, and the Power of Running Away. Today you can find me in two places: PubSlush, a crowd-funding platform that launches quality authors out of the slush pile, and Murder is Everywhere, where one of that blog’s 12 renowned crime writers has offered me her killer slot for a day.

Today PubSlush features me in their Women on Wednesday author interview series. I answer such questions as: “How does writing give you a voice you wouldn’t normally have?” and “What were some of the roadblocks you faced in the publishing process?”

Meanwhile, if you missed my earlier post about my ridiculous efforts to learn to speak Cantonese, please head over to the Murder is Everywhere blog for an encore presentation of Long Time No See.

It’s not too late to visit my entire online tour! You can find permanent links to my blog tour posts in the list below.

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3 thoughts on “Cara’s Blog Book Tour 2014 – Day 6

  1. Cara Lopez Lee Post author

    Angela, Thanks for dropping by, for your interest in my writing, and for putting a smile on my face. I appreciate knowing that my memoir title compelled you to find out more, and I’m grateful for your generous feedback on my creative nonfiction piece, “Which Words Come Last.” As a fellow author, I know what you mean about tight times – the price we pay for the joy of writing, eh? I got a kick out of the title of your book, too. The premise is delightful. Funny how two spouses can both speak English, but still each need to learn a second language so they can communicate! 😀

  2. Angela Magnotti Andrews

    Cara, I discovered your work through a friend who received your book as a gift from you. She was as curious as I about who you are and how you found her. I don’t know if she looked you up, but I had to. That title is just too awesome! When I found you, your website led me to Rivet and your compelling story about your Mom’s last words. Thank you for gifting your book to my friend and gifting yourself to someone like me, even though you maybe didn’t realize that would happen. I look forward to selling a few copies of my book next spring so I can buy a copy of yours. Yes, times are really that tight, but I’m writing and I’m happy. And that’s what matters, right? ~Angela

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