Cara’s Blog Book Tour 2014 – Day 1

Book Cover - Cara Lopez LeeWelcome to my 2014 blog book tour! Please join me through October 15 as I celebrate this month’s Conundrum Press release of the new edition of my memoir, They Only Eat Their Husbands: Love, Travel, and the Power of Running Away. Today, you can find a fun interview with me over at author Jim Heskett’s blog. Jim is a fiction and poetry writer, book reviewer, and world traveler who lives in my beautiful Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. In our interview, I talk about the craft of writing, my obsession with a sci-fi TV show, and my re-imagining of an embarrassing book title.

Here’s where you can find my online tour through October 15:


BLOG BOOK TOUR, October 6-15, 2014
Celebrating the New Edition of Cara Lopez Lee’s Memoir,
They Only Eat Their Husbands
Please check my events page for updates:

October 6
Jim Heskett Blog
6 Questions with Author Cara Lopez Lee

October 7
Conundrum Press
Creating Our Lives as Stories

October 7
Travel Dudes
Travel Tip

October 8
The Paper Tiger
Long Time No See

October 9
The Blood Red Pencil
Here’s a Book In Your Eye

October 10
Everyday Underwear
The Wrong Direction

October 15
– Pubslush Blog
Women on Wednesday
– Murder is Everywhere
Long Time No See