Crowdfunding a Guest Author Program for Kids

Today, you have an opportunity to contribute to a great educational program and win a signed copy of my memoir, They Only Eat Their Husbands. The Guest Author Program at Jefferson County Open School invites working authors from the Colorado community to teach teenagers about writing. According to Benjamin Dancer, the teacher who runs this innovative program, the opportunity to share their writing and ideas with a working author has a powerful inspirational, motivational, and educational impact on students. The kids have decided to run a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to raise money for next year’s program. It’s not a very expensive program, and just a few dollars can go a long way to helping these kids. Please consider donating here:

2 thoughts on “Crowdfunding a Guest Author Program for Kids

  1. Cara Lopez Lee Post author

    Thank YOU, Benjamin, for including me in such a worthy program and for being such a strong mentor to kids in your own right. I would be delighted to come back anytime, ready to bring even more to the table now that I have a greater handle on your vision.

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