My Killer Eggs – Live at The Moth StorySlam in L.A.

I told this true personal story at The Moth StorySlam in Los Angeles on June 6, 2017. The theme was “Mystery.” I came in third place, for which I won: nothing…except pride in getting better at this art form every day. I love oral storytelling. What an exciting way to connect with community, share what we all have in commoon, and increase our understanding of one another! If you’re unfamiliar with live storytelling, I recommend you check out The Moth and listen to either The Moth Radio Hour, which also plays on many NPR affiliates, or the online podcast. The stories are funny, moving, surprising…and addicting.

2 thoughts on “My Killer Eggs – Live at The Moth StorySlam in L.A.

  1. Cara Lopez Lee Post author

    Thanks so much, Krishna. It’s gratifying to know my story resonated with you. I’ve been meeting a lot of women who have these issues. Barnacles, baby! I’m also anemic – but no doubt you guessed that based on the story. 😀 Can’t wait for us to share more of our stories with each other…

  2. Krishna Klaus

    Cara! I loved this. I am reading your book and wanted to voyeur-out on your online presence. *I* just has my uterus scraped of cysts this winter. After gargantuan ‘internal bleeding’ which left me chronic fatigue-y, factually anemic. I am impressed with another sisterhood synchronicity and really thrilled I can get to know your life through your written word. Also that you are so active with your storytelling that I can keep finding more.

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