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Cara Lopez Lee Cara Lopez Lee

Dear friends,

Marcus Aurelius, philosopher king, wrote, "The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it." Our world is going through dramatic change, yet here in the beach town of Ventura, California, the small changes of daily life persist: the oranges on our tree are turning orange, my husband and I just installed fire-glass in our fireplace, and I'm always writing a new story as I ponder my thoughts on life, the universe, and change. The time has come to update my website to reflect the external and internal changes in my life. Please take a look!

While you're at it, please check out the January 2017 issue of Long Story Short, where you'll find my essay, Smelly Make This Bed. My intention for this year is to share stories that illuminate the human spirit, leaning on words that inspire kindness, to each other and to the world we share. Even when the universe gets weird—and I'll admit it's kind of weird lately—let stories be the life-rafts that carry us through, like this little oddity of mine recently published at 50-Word Stories: The Showstopper.

Thank You for Supporting Storytelling!

Cara Lopez Lee